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Discount - 1% of total order amount 2% of total order amount 3% of total order amount 4% of total order amount 5% of total order amount
Growth Value For every euro spent in our online store (excl. VAT) you will receive one membership point.
My Membership Levels The more you purchase, the higher your discount will be.
Membership Points Exchange Accrued points are subject to the following conditions: For each euro spent you receive one membership point. Membership points can be redeemed at check out via your shopping cart.
1.Accounts that joined us by December 31st 2017 will all start accruing membership points as of January 1st 2018

2. Users that register after January 1st 2018 will start accruing points on the date of registration. The membership lasts as long as you are a Yehwang customer.